Sunday, January 20, 2008

Deep Freeze

The weather continues to be extremely frigid. This weekend it never got above zero with the windchills around -20 during the day. Therefore, I didn't get any miles in during the weekend. On the plus side, my sore foot has completely healed and I'll be ready to get back into a groove this week.

I'm still waiting on a job offer from the interview I had a little more than a week ago. I'm told the company I spoke with is still very interested and will most likely give me an answer on Tuesday. In the meantime, I have an interview for another job on Monday for the same type of position. Hopefully that will go just as well and I'll two offers to consider.

The wife and I went to the Wild game on Friday and despite the home team losing in a fairly uninspiring effort, we did enjoy the night out. Saturday we went over to our friend Cheryl's house for appetizers, drinks, and games with 3 other couples. Sunday we pretty much just lazed around the house and watched the Pack stink up the football field and lose to the Giants. Oh well, no big deal since I'm not really into football anymore and now I won't have any reason to waste my time watching the Super Bowl, which I haven't watched in about 10 years.


Maggi said...

Thanks for checking my blog and my bad typing!!!!!

SweetPea said...

Hey Steve . . . . in the future, would you mind not using "Packers" and "stink" the same sentence ? ? ?
Still a die hard Packers Fan!!!
Kathy (Maggi's friend!)
Good luck on the job - will be thinking positive thoughts!!