Monday, February 4, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes - Redux

Well, a week after having such promise on the job horizon, things are looking not so bright now. The first job that I was expecting an offer on fell through as the HR department was unable to obtain the owner's approval for a new hire. Then, today I found out the company I interviewed with a couple of weeks ago decided to not go further with the hiring process for that position. So, that leaves my former employer, who has yet to contact me with an offer. I met with 3 more former co-workers there last Wednesday for a series of quick interviews, which I thought went pretty well. But, I have yet to hear back from them. Hopefully they will come through. Otherwise, it's time to beat the bushes even harder. I tell ya, this job hunting is tiresome and frustrating work! ARGH!!

On a more positive note, I had a great long run on Saturday, logging 19.4 miles at just under 10-minute mile pace. However, the next day when I went out for a run, my right knee was very sore and my left achilles tendon was screaming. Consequently, I cut my run very short after just 2 miles to avoid any possible injury. I feel pretty good today, so hopefully I'll be ready to go when I run tomorrow. I think my problems stemmed from switching to my road shoes from my trail shoes that I've been training in almost exclusively for the past month. I only switched because the sidewalks here are either lumpy and slippery ice, or bare concrete. So, wearing Yak Trax is not feasible and running without is dangerous. Therefore, I've been relegated to road running and my trail shoes have always felt "clunky", unlike my road shoes. However, I've never had any knee pains or other soreness following long runs with them. So, clunky and pain-free it is from now on.

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