Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Snow is a Four-Letter Word!!!

I think most trail runners are with me in thinking that at this time of the year, snow is indeed a four-letter word. Granted, March is typically one of the snowiest months and the mild temps make the heavy snowfalls somewhat bearable. However, it's getting old and I'm just chomping at the bit to get some real trail running going. Last week was a mediocre one, as far as training went. I missed a few days due to tiredness from adjusting to actually having to go to work for a change and from a bit of a sinus bug. Overall, I was rather pleased with my effort on Saturday during which I ran about 30 seconds per mile faster than my fastest training pace at that distance. It was also great to have that toe injury behind me and back running again.

Monday - 4.4 in 39:47; First run in a few days due to my toe mishap
Tuesday - 4.4 in 40:11; I cut this one short due to stomach problems (What did I eat last night anyway?)
Wednesday - 9.4 in 1:29:13; Felt smooth and strong. Woot!
Thursday and Friday - No miles; I was a tired pup. Zzzzzzzzzzz
Saturday - 18.8 in 2:53:28; Holy crap! That's 9:13/mile on a hilly loop and 30+ seconds/mile faster than my last 20-mile run. Hot diggity!!
Sunday - R&R

Not a bad week, but I would have rather not missed Thursday and Friday. Oh well, I can't do anything about it now and sometimes you have to listen to your body. This week I plan to run about 22 to 25 miles on Saturday and maybe try out some of Dr. Steve Quick's electrolyte mix as well. I also plan to do a little shopping and pick up some running goodies. Perhaps some Injinji toe socks, a headlamp for running on the trails in the early morning darkness, and maybe check out those wicked Vibram Five Fingers that Keith Krone is always raving about, especially those cool KSO's. Happy trails everyone and have a nice day, unless you have other plans!

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keith said...

impressive!! good training! i highly recommend the KSO's...just take it easy when you start out.