Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Training Report: May 19-25

Ah, it's great to be training again. Two races 3 weeks apart, coupled with my knee strain really minimized my time out on the trails. However, that's behind me and I'm back on track by putting in some hard workouts! All I need now is to increase my mileage.

Monday, May 19: 3.3 on the road and 3.2 on trails at Terrace Oaks in the evening. I felt really smooth and strong, averaging 8:46/mile. The lilacs and tree blooms were fragrant, making it an even more enjoyable run.

Wednesday, May 21: 0.3 mile warm-up, 3 x 0.6 mile incline repeats (4:40, 4:32, 4:35 - 7:38/mile pace), 0.9 mile cool-down. My first interval workout of the year! 'Bout time, eh?

Thursday, May 22: 1.3 mile road, 1.9 mile trail (Terrace Oaks), 1.3 mile road with cooldown. Felt a little tired from yesterday's intervals. Just an easy run to stretch the legs out from the intervals. Average pace - 9:07/mile.

Saturday, May 24: 1.3 mile warm-up; 6.4 miles on trail at Terrace Oaks (56:00 - 8:45/mile); 1.3 mile cool-down. Solid run, considering I ran all of the hills on the trail. Just a perfect morning for running!!

Weekly mileage - 24.2 miles; It was a low-mileage but high-quality week. More miles for sure next week!!

COMING SOON: Review of Clif Gel, Hammer Gel, and Gu Gel

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keith said...

good week! it's smart to give yourself time to recover!