Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reality Check

As the Gen-X movie title goes "Reality Bites". After reviewing my training thus far for 2008, I've been struck with the reality that I haven't been putting in the miles I need to be a decent ultramarathoner, let alone think about trying a century. Here are the sobering facts: First, my average weekly mileage is only 28.5 (31 if you don't count the two weeks this year when I had zero miles); Second, out of 68 training sessions, only 11 have been 15+ miles, 6 have been 20+ miles, and only 2 have been 30+ miles (Ice Age 50 and 38 miles of pacing at Kettle 100); Third and final, I've only averaged about 3 training sessions per week.

Conclusion, I'm just not getting it done.

Yeah, it's been tough training while working full time, being a husband and a father, and trying to have a life. But, as the saying goes: "Excuses are like assholes - everyone's got one." Time to buck up and get my ass out on the trails more and get the miles in. Am I beating myself up about this? Not at all. I knew I wasn't getting the training I needed and posting about it here will keep me accountable for doing something about it.

That being said, I'm very much looking forward to a good week of training. Tonight I will be out at Hyland putting in 2+ hours and also heading out to Afton on Saturday for 4+ hours. That should get the miles up! I'm also trying to incorporate a few two-a-days when possible. I also want to make myself a personal challenge right here and now that by the end of July I will get a 100-mile week of training in. There, the gauntlet has been thrown down and I'm commited to it!!

Hope to see ya on the trails!!

*Next race: Afton 50K (yes, I finally sent in my registration!)


keith said...

don't beat yourself up too badly. At least you're doing something...that's 28.5 miles a week more than probably 80% of people run.

SteveQ said...

Don't throw yourself into hundred mile weeks too quickly! Hope to see you at Afton Saturday; my plan is to run the 25K course, then hill repeats, starting at 9 AM.

Steve said...

No worries about doing 100 in a week too soon. I'll have to work up to it. Plus, I don't plan on maintaining 100-mile weeks.......yet. Ha ha.

Steve Q. I planned on being out there earlier at 8 am and running the 25K course plus whatever extra it takes to get in at least 4 hours of running. Maybe if I'm feeling really good (not likely)I'll do two laps. Hope to see you there!