Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pre-Race Thoughts on Afton

Well, the Afton 50 km race is only a couple of days away. As usual, it looks like it will be plenty hot (forecasted high temp of 86 degrees) and of course, hilly. Afton was the first trail run I ever did which was way back in 2002 while training for my first (and only) marathon. It was the toughest run I had ever done in my life to that point, due to the terrain and weather. In fact, "surviving" 25 km at Afton was tougher than finishing the 26.2 miles of the TCM.

I haven't run the Afton race since then, but it has always been calling me. In fact, it was the main motivator behind my return to running and focus on ultramarathoning/trail running. Although my training has improved the past few weeks, I do have some trepidation about Saturday. I've yet to run one entire loop of the course without suffering considerably. On the positive side, I've been feeling very strong and smooth lately and have learned a lot about pacing, hydration, and nutrition the past few months. Hopefully, all of this will come together on Saturday and I'll have a smooth run. Irregardless, I plan to have fun, enjoy myself, and meet some more folks from the trail running community. I'm not going to worry about my time and just remember why I started ultramarathoning......because it's fun! It should one humdinger of a day!!


keith said...

It's going to be lots o' fun. You're definitely ready to get out there and rock 'n' roll! See you Saturday!

brothergrub said...

Plan your race...Race your plan!! (someone smart told me that once....hmmmmmmm)

Have a great run!!

go grub bros. go!!!

Kel said...

Afton was my first trail run too - last year in 100 degree heat. I agree that 25K at Afton is tougher than a road marathon - waaaaaaaay more fun too!

Phil Robertson said...
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Phil Robertson said...
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Phil Robertson said...

I'll get the hang of blogging one day!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Not sure what the next big one is...maybe a return to the West Highland Way race for a crack at sub 25 - I think I have it in me (somewhere!). Just don't tell my wife!

Best of luck on your upcoming race - Training sounds good so I'm sure you'll tear it up!