Monday, October 6, 2008


I had an awesome time meeting some ultrarunners from the area and running 26 miles along some of the Ice Age Trail in NW Wisconsin. A special thanks goes out to Pete Grimes a.k.a. Grimeyrunner who organized the whole shootin' match and to Christian, who was our crew lackey. Those in attendance at the start were Pete (Grimeyrunner), Joel (Button Racing), Mitch, Molly, and Eric. It was a frosty start, which made for some beautiful autumn scenery. I only wish I could have stayed long enough to run all 50 miles. Thanks again, Pete and can't wait to do the whole shabang next year!! I also hope Joel was able to complete his mission of running 100 miles that weekend for a charitable cause. I think Molly was going for 100 as well, and I hope she went for it and made it. Hope to see y'all on the trails again!!


SteveQ said...

Wish I'd been there! The pictures tell me that this is going to be an annual event; it's gorgeous out there.


Great photos Steve! It was a pleasure having you along for the 26. Keep me in mind for this time next year. The date will be around this time...maybe a week earlier, maybe a week later. Who knows?
Thanks for being there.

Steve said...

Absolutely, Pete! I plan on trying to get my brother to come out and join us next year too.