Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time to Focus

Yup, it's time to get serious and focus on my next goal, which is to finish a 100-miler. The first attempt will be at the Zumbro Bottoms 100-miler in April. Yup, I'm going for an early season completion! Therefore, it's definitely time to maintain my consistency and add some hillwork.

Why try so early? Well, first off, my long-term goal is to qualify for the AHU 135 next year. In order to do that, I need to complete a 100-mile race within the race time limit. Originally, my plan was to make my first attempt at the Kettle 100 in June. However, if for some reason I were to fail there, my next shot would be at Superior Sawtooth 100, which is a beast. Not really a 100-miler you want to count on finishing your first try. So, I figure what the heck. Why not give it a good shot in April? I know I can do 50, and as it is said, if you can do 50, then you can do 100. After 50 miles it's all in your head. My Arrowhead mentor, Mitch Rossman will be there as well as my bro, who volunteered to pace me. Thanks Brotha Grub!

Last week was a good one in regards to training. I put in 10 miles on both Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday's run was a cold and icy run, with the weekend's melted snow refreezing and causing havoc on the sidewalks of Burnsville. Thursday night's run was abosultely heavenly. The temps were mild and a near full moon lit up the trails at Terrace Oaks. I ran without my headlamp and thoroughly enjoyed the solitude and crunch of snow under my Yak Trak clad feet. Had I brought food and water with, I think I would have put in another 10 that night. Saturday I capped off the week with an early morning run at my now favorite Murphy-Hanrehan. I finished two 10-mile loops of the singletrack trails in about 4 hours, running a relaxing pace. Oh, how I love the Murph!


MN Ultra Runner said...

Awesome goal, way to get right after it! Good luck with your training, I'm sure that race will be a blast.

SteveQ said...

I just decided to give Zumbro a shot too - we'll have to train together and trade stories of Mitch.

keith said...

Nice!! Keep up the good work!

SteveQ said...

You were looking for a 100 in August - how about Lean Horse?