Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Look, New Philosophy, New Attitude

In case you didn't notice the obvious, my blog has a whole new look - to go along with my whole new training philosophy. Gone are the "rambling" days where I didn't have a clue or plan as to what I was going to do each week or how I was going to get in proper shape for 100-milers. My attitude has completely changed as well. I savor each run and truly enjoy the experience of being out on the trails. Training is no longer work, but a form of escape, meditation, and focus.

Training continues to go well. I've stuck to my slow mileage increase and it's paying dividends. My recovery is excellent, most noticeably after the weekend 20-mile runs. Soon I will have to start running 10+ miles the day after my 20's, but that's down the road when my weekly mileage allows it. I'm still just yearning to crank up the mileage, but my better judgment tells me to continue to be patient. Plan your work and work your plan, as it is said. Nonetheless, I can't wait to be putting in some big mileage later this spring and summer, especially out at Afton and The Murph.

On a final note, congrats go out to brother Grub (Kevin) for a smokin' 80 miles in 13:48 at Rocky Raccoon. Unfortunately, that's where he hit the proverbial wall and suffered his first (and most likely last) DNF. In contrast, Karen Gall continued her successful winter season with another finish at the fast course in Texas. Well done! Two big "Hoorahs!" also go out to lady speedsters Helen Lavin and Val Schuster who finished 1-2 in the womens' division at Psycho Wyco last weekend. Way to represent!!

Only 7-1/2 weeks until the first test of the season at the Zumbro 100. My tax refund should be in by Friday, so I'll be signing up within a week. It will be interesting to see how Matt Patten's crossfit training fares there (See "A Guy Who Runs" on the reading list). Keep at it Matt! Maybe we can stop at mile 50 and do 20 burpees at Zumbro? I hope everyone out there is staying healthy and enjoying life. See ya on the trails!


Londell said...

Love the new header!!! Glad you are enjoying the runs and I think we are weeks before some good outdoor running options.

SteveQ said...

Sounds like you've got your head on straight (except wanting to run Sawtooth) and that's most of the battle for that jacket.

Kel said...

Love the red jacket theme.

Sounds like things are coming along nicely - I predict "red jacket" weather in Sept :)

brothergrub said...

You have really been staying on top of it this winter - If I had been doing all you have, Rocky Raccoon would have been a better day! Looking forward to seeing you get some pay-off for all your hard work - Go big Bro!!