Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keys to Success - Part 1: Desire

One of the most asked questions by beginning ultramarathoners is "How do I train?" To which I would respond, "Do you want to or would you like to be an ultramarathoner?" The key difference here is between "like to" and "want to".

Too often when people try to reach goals, they start off with the "I'd like to" attitude. "I'd like to quit smoking", "I'd like to lose weight", "I'd like to retire when I'm 50", so on and so forth. We've all said or have heard someone else say the exact same things before, and the usual outcome is failure. Why? Because of a lack of desire.

The biggest difference between "like" and "want" is the level of desire and commitment to success. I'd like to retire when I'm 50, but truthfully, I don't want to give up all of the things and work as hard as I'd have to in order to do it. The same goes for any goal. If you truly want something, you'll find a way to get it.

So, be honest with yourself. Do you really want something or would you just like it? If you are going to be successful at achieving anything, you have to want it, and I mean WANT it. Don't fool yourself and waste your time with a half-hearted effort. Want it, and want it badly.

That being said, I WANT to finish the Sawtooth 100 this year, and as you can tell from my training thus far this year, I'm putting my desires into action.

Still seeing red.................................................


Matthew Patten said...

I agree.

Problem is, sometimes you don't find out how hard you want it until mile 50-80.

NJ said...

Very true...but sometimes I find that wanting it doesn't necessarily mean you can have it right away because sometimes what we want isn't feasible with what we have or don't have at the time. Wanting something also means persevering till the time comes that you can have it...even if it means a few years have to pass before you can realize that want.

Londell said...

I agree...

I was not in prime shape but made 77 miles at ST 100 in 2007. Looking back, I made it that fire out of pure desire. Then mentally, about 75 miles, my spirit and desire crashed and I allowed my mind to change my whole attitude and outlook and never really recovered. I do not plan on running this year, but will be there supporting the runner and looking forward to pacing some in the later miles... and looking forward to seeing you finish!

Helen said...

Good post. Wanting something badly enough is the first step to success.

The new blog look is great!