Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Next?

So, now that I've successfully completed the Sawtooth 100 and gotten my red jacket, what next? I guess the first thing to do might be to update my blog header. Aside from that menial task, where do I go from here? What is the next big challenge I focus on for the coming year?

First and foremost, I need to continue to getting healthy. Even though I finished Sawtooth, I'm still not fully recovered and 100% to where I was this past Spring when I got injured. I still can't run as far nor as fast as I could then. I've been torn on how to do get back to that point. My first inclination was to take a couple of months off from running and let myself really heal, but doing nothing just isn't my style. Plus, I've been able to run longer continuous distances now without pain or discomfort, although about 12 or 13 is my max before tightness and aching start to settle in. What I'm thinking of doing is to spend a lot more time on the bike and less running. I've read a number of articles lately that write about how effective cycling is as a form of cross training for trail running. Plus, look at other ultrarunners who use it as well - John Storkamp, Helen Lavin, Jason Husveth, Molly Cochran, etc.

Second, I need to have a goal. My overall goal for 2011 is to finish three 100-milers: Zumbro, Kettle or FANS 24-hour, and Sawtooth. I'd also like to squeeze at least one more in there, but I'm not sure yet where and when I could do it. At least I have plenty of time to think about it. In addition, I plan to run the Afton 50K and the Voyageur 50 mile. As the winter training progresses and spring approaches, I'll have to come up with more specific goals for some of these races. I do know a big goal for 2011 will be going back to the Sawtooth 100 to get another finish and more importantly, help my good friend, Bill Pomerenke, get his first red jacket.

That being said, I still want to come up with some kind of unique or specific challenge/goal. Some ideas I've tossed around for the future have been: Arrowhead 135, Tuscobia 75 or 150, and run/hike the SHT from Castle Danger to Otter Creek (205 miles). These would all take a lot more planning and specific training to complete, as well as time off from work - something I am sorely lacking in. But, it gives me something to ponder and dream about. What are your goals and dreams, and what are you doing to make them happen?

Until I come up with a new name for this blog, I'm still seeing red....................


SteveQ said...

From your early thoughts, I'd suggest trying the Gnarly Bandit series - next year, probably Zumbro, Kettle Moraine, Black Hills (SD) and Sawtooth.

Steve said...

That's a thought I had, except I have no desire to do Lean Horse at all. I want to finish Kettle, but I kinda mentioned to the wife I was thinking FANS because I wouldn't have to travel and she and my son could come watch me run for a change.

SteveQ said...

If I end up directing the Gnarly Bandit (big IF at the moment), Lean Horse would be out and Black Hills would be in instead. FANS and Kettle are the same day; I've done both, prefer FANS because I know everyone.

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