Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back on Track (Railroad tracks, that is...)

Yes, that's right. My life is on track on again, figuratively and literally speaking. I accepted a position with Loram Maintenance of Way in Hamel, MN as a member of their Quality Control team. Loram contracts railway maintenance services and also sells OEM equipment for performing these services. You can check them out at loram.com So literally, I'm on track in that I will be working on railways in the future, testing the OEM equipment.

Figuratively speaking, my running is on track as well. I ran 6 of 7 days last week, getting up at 4 am almost every day in preparation for my new work schedule. I capped off the week with a strong 20-mile run and the confidence that I could have easily kept on going for quite some time. I'm really getting geared up for the Trail Mix 50K now. This week has been on course as well. It's a great feeling to have your life clicking on all cylinders!!

3/10 - 6.5 in 0:57
3/11 - 11.4 in 1:47
3/12 - 4.4 in 0:38
3/13 - 11.0 in 1:44
3/14 - 4.4 in 0:40
3/15 - 20.0 in 3:15
3/16 - Well-deserved rest


keith said...

The Trail Mix 50K better watch out!

Kel said...

Congrats on the new gig! Trail Mix in 4 short weeks.....