Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where's Steve?

A few readers may have been wondering, "Where's Steve?" Well, I've been 'on vacation' from running the past couple of weeks, running only once. Why? Well, it's been a combination of a few things. First, I've been busy at home taking care of my family since my wife has been sick and had neck problems. This means I was basically a single parent of a 3 year old and a 36 year old. Second, I was away visiting family for a weekend and wanted to focus on spending time with them. Third, I've been struggling with motivation since I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to run at Superior in a few weeks due to financial reasons. So, there ya have it in a nutshell. It hasn't been the most pleasant two weeks, except for spending time with family. I've noticed I'm a little irritable when I don't run. Fortunately, the wife is healthy again and I'm more than motivated to hit the trails again. Sometimes life happens and you just gotta get through the rough spots. However, Superior is still in question. If I do run, it will be a last minute entry. Irregardless, I need to get back to running and start getting a solid training plan together. Like this blog title, I've been 'rambling' about with my training and not sticking to a set plan. Right now, I have to find a balance between running and life.


brothergrub said...

You started running again as kind of a new life choice... doesn't matter how many races you do or how many miles you log per week - Just that you keep running and the joy of running. Sometimes its easy to lose that joy by putting too much emphasis on races, time and logs... I'm not even logging my miles so I won't obsess about it too much...Time constraints are the worst - Its so hard to make time to get out there - It helps so much to have some other people to run with... Might be helpful to jump in some shorter (and cheaper) races this fall just to hold your interest... Running on the road shouldn't beat you up too bad if you stay under 20K or so... Maybe even a fall marathon? I'd be really curious to see how you would do at Twin Cities now that you have so much more experience at long distance... Just remember it doesn't have to be all in or nothing... You can just have fun and race ultras as you can... I can't imagine walking away and having to start over yet again !!

Fall six times, get up seven!!

brother grub

keith said...

good to hear from you! hope you can get back into the swing of it...maybe you should just do a shorter race at Superior and call it good. might be easier on the pocketbook and you still get up to heaven on earth!

What fun is it if it isn't fun?

SteveQ said...

Good to hear from you. I've had the same problems and find that just sending in an entry to a race gets me motivated again (pick something cheap and easy).


Come up to NW Wisconsin and join us for 50 miles. It'll be the perfect end to the "season"and it will be good for you.