Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy 1000 Miles

Well, I finally made it over the 1000 mile hump. I've been sitting just short of it for a while but finally managed to get my ass in gear and put some more miles in. I've only run 3 times in the past 2 weeks, but they've all been extremely enjoyable and quality runs.

With the season coming to an end, it's time to start planning for next year and figure out what I need to improve on. I'll definitely need some kind of plan to maintain any level of fitness I've achieved to this point for next season. Right now, I'm focusing on just getting out a few times a week and enjoying myself as much as possible. The approaching Fall weather is very welcoming and really gets me fired up to run, as it is my favorite time of the year.

I'll be missing Superior this weekend, which I'm rather bummed about. But, there's always next year. I'm still wavering on whether I'll run Glacial as well. I may just opt to run in Grimeyrunner's 'underground' run the weekend before. Unfortunately, I won't be able to run the entire distance because my wife and I already have plans that evening which we can't break. But half of 50 is better than nothing. Nonetheless, my best wishes go out to those running this weekend on the SHT. I'm sooooo jealous!!! Anyway, good luck everyone and take time on the trail to enjoy some of the sights. I hear it's a stunning course. See ya!


brothergrub said...

congrats bro! Glad you are posting again... its been lonely in blog-world...Also - check out

keith said...

that trail is stunning as in 'cattle prod to the bottoms of the feet' stunning, sure.

sorry you couldn't make it up. see you out on trails soon!


We have trailheads nearly every three miles. You can join or drop at any point. We'd love to see you!