Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Training This Week: July 6 - 12

Monday: 15 min. warm-up, 16 ski hill repeats (southern-most hill at Hyland)in 90 min., 15 min. cool-down. Worked on climbing technique and felt very strong.

Tuesday: 10 min. warm-up, 40 min. at medium pace, working the small hills at Terrace Oaks, 10 min. cool-down. Recovery day.

Wednesday: 10 min. warm-up, 90 min. tempo run at Lebanon Hills, 10 min. cool-down. Really hammered the last couple of miles.

Saturday: 10 min. warm-up, Afton 25k loop tempo run in 2:31 (a PR!), and 3-mile cool-down (including a nice soak in the stream under the bridge - refreshing!). Lots of post-run stretching. I really did well on the hills with my new climbing technique and also worked on my downhill descending. I felt very strong, smooth, and focused. I came through the 25k mark with plenty of gas in the tank. Fantastic day!

Sunday: 3 miles easy with the dog. 90 minute bike ride on roads and trails. Now my quads are nice and sore.

42 miles total

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