Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yep, I'm super focused right now, getting ready for the biggest challenge in my ultrarunning career - Superior Sawtooth 100. That's why I haven't posted anything here the past month or so. I've been training hard and making sure I stay healthy.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks before the end of July that my Dad surprised me during a phone conversation by telling me he was going to pay my entry fee for Sawtooth as a birthday present and to give me something to look forward to after all of the struggling I've been through the past year. You see, the past year my wife has been out for months at a time with a back injury, gall bladder removal, and another surgery for abdominal pain due to scar tissue from an ectopic pregnancy. As a result, things have been extremely tight financially, and we're both exhausted and frustrated with her chronic illnesses. In addition, she lost her job. Fortunately, we've survived and adapted. Now it's time to overcome. She's got a good job lead right now and hopefully that will pan out and we can get back to "normal".

Back to training - That's been going extremely well, especially since my thyroid is now back to normal. I have hypothyroidism and this past winter it really got bad. I used to be on 25 mcg/day. After my checkup in February, they bumped it up to 50. In June it got another bump to 75 and a month ago it went up to 88 mcg!! That's a huge increase, but I can definitely feel the difference. My muscle stiffness and chronic cramping has disappeared. I'm sleeping better and having consistently good runs. My foot and leg problems from Kettle seem to be a thing of the past, although I did notice some tightness and soreness during and after the overnight training run with Matt Patten, Zach Pierce, and Carl Gammon. Nonetheless, the discomfort went away within 48 hours and hasn't returned. Overall, I'm very pleased with the way things are going. My climbing and descending has drastically improved and I've turned up the training speed a big notch. So, I'm ready and rarin' to go for that 100+ miles on the SHT next month! I'm really looking forward to finally experiencing the SHT and getting to spend some time with my brother and other ultra running friends. Should be one heck of a hootenanny!! See ya on the trails!!!


Matthew Patten said...


You pretty much cleaned our clocks at the all nighter. You were the only one not begging to quit. I had quit long before we actually stopped.

SST100 should be your race. There is another guy signed up with the same last name as you, but I think you will kick his butt. He's a wimp.

Helen said...

Great to hear the excitement!! It is getting close and sounds like you are ready.

I am looking forward to being a supporter up there this year!

Kel said...

Sounds like everything is coming together for you and your family :)

I'll be volunteering at Superior this year, but haven't received my assignment yet. See ya there!

SteveQ said...

Wow, if I were half as excited as you, I might still be doing Superior. Glad to hear things are going well and I'll see you at an aid station somewhere along the way.

Londell said...

Wish you and your family well as you keep pressing to get back to normal...

Superior should be fun! Wish I was there but my 20 YO son who has been in Germany for a year is back and want to spend the time I have with him!

brothergrub said...

I must be a true ultra-marathoner now - I'm spending my wedding anniversary running 102.6 miles in the North woods. (thanks allison!)

Can't wait to tackle Superior with you Brother! Wheeeee!

Mitch R. said...

I am happy that your training has gone well. You have your head on for Superior. You will do well.

I hope to see you early February at the Big Dance.