Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Zach Pierce and I will be trading places at next week's Zumbro 100. Zach has spring fever and was just itching to run instead of volunteer. I okayed it with R.D. Larry Pederson, and he agreed to let us swap places. So, it's a win-win-win situation. Zach gets to run 100, I get to volunteer and have a good time out in the woods at Zumbro Bottoms, and Larry keeps his field and crew intact. Wee-ha!! Mentally, it's a relief knowing that I won't even be thinking about running the race and can just focus on resting and healing however long it takes. I've got another volunteer gig coming up in May at the Ice Age 50, where I'll be helping haul water to the aid stations. If ya can't race - volunteer!


Londell said...

Agree... but I have to go to New Orleans for 5 days as part of my real job... April 9-14. I would really rather hang with you at Zumbro as a volunteer!

brothergrub said...

Building up some good trail Karma... Nice!

Helen said...

Nice one Steve! Last fall when I was injured I volunteered at Wild Duluth and Surf and I can say they were two of my best 'race' memories of the year!

I'll see you down there on Friday (before I head over to Chippewa...)