Monday, March 29, 2010

Zumbro Limbo

Just a quick update for folks out there. I'm still in limbo regarding running at Zumbro. Last week I did a test run of 5 miles and it was very uncomfortable and slow. I also had video analysis of my running gait performed at Tria, as well as further PT evaluation. The video analysis showed I was favoring my right leg (no surprise there with the injury) and further evaluation was unable to reproduce the pain I experience while running. Consequently, I've been referred to another doctor at Tria who specializes in running injuries. That appointment isn't until April 6th.

Overall, I feel I'm making a little progress. The "knot" I used to feel in my right groin is gone, but I'm still getting feelings of tightness and occasional burning. I plan to give it short test on Wednesday to see how it's progressing. I also need to consult with my GP to get my thyroid medication dosage increased. I tell ya, it's only been just over 2 weeks since I've been able to run pain-free, but it feels like a month. How anyone doesn't go completely mental after not running for longer that is beyond me. I'm bouncing off the walls crazy right now, just dying to get back on the trails.

As far as Zumbro goes, I'm still very doubtful - not because of conditioning, but because of the risk of reinjury. 100 miles is A LOT of stress on the body and you need to be 100% healthy to finish without hurting yourself. Any small weakness will be greatly amplified. At this point, I really don't want to be out of commission any longer than I already have. Reinjuring myself and having to go through the recovery process all over again would be devastating at this point, not to mention that it would likely take longer the second time around.

That being said, I hope everyone out there is staying healthy and enjoying perhaps the driest and warmest March in memory. Best wishes go out to fellow blogger and runner Kel who is recovering from an achilles strain. I was glad to read many folks were out at Afton having a great time enjoying this early Spring treat of pleasant weather. Looks like Matt Patten is all fired up and ready to go for Zumbro, knocking out a PR for the 25k loop at Afton. Attaboy!!

Still seeing red.......................


Helen said...

Steve - I think you know the answer!!!

100 miles is a long way and your gait analysis alone should be enough to sit this one out and be strong and injury free for the next one. I debated until the last minute on Grindstone with my shin injury but knew it would just wreck it to put it through that stress. 2 months later I was ready for Hellgate - and more than that, having taken the time off, I really, really wanted to run it and knew I'd made the smart decision. I know, you're the only one who can assess how your body is feeling but for a race this long and early in the season you have to think of the bigger picture.

Would you consider pacing someone for a loop or two? Might be a nice way to be involved but not push too soon.

SteveQ said...

I'm with Helen on this. I went to the Superior 100 with a splint on my hand - stubbornness got me half-way - if you're not 100%, 100 miles is a bad idea.

Steve said...

I'm with ya both, hence my trepidation about being "race ready" in less than two weeks. I've already got a Zumbro 100 belt buckle. I'd much rather sit this one out and get my copper kettle in June and my red jacket in September. I'm not sure about pacing either. I'll wait on that until I see the specialist next week and see what he says. However, I think I'll "donate" my entry fee to anyone who might want to sign up within the next two weeks (::cough::Zach::cough::) Also, it might be nice to volunteer and yell at Patten to keep on going, plus maybe try some of that brew he made. On a side note, I talked to my GP just a few minutes ago and he confirmed that I need another dosage increase to my thyroid medication. Can't say I didn't see that coming. That makes 4 increases in a year from 25 mcg to 100 mcg. Yikes!!

Kel said...

Hang in there Steve - things will get better even if it isn't in time for Zumbro this year. Sounds like you're being smart about it and will be ready for Kettle and Sawtooth!

Joy said...

Honey, you'll get better soon. Get those cycling shoes and get out there. JJ and I can't take your crabbiness anymore. LOL Hopefully, the bump in thyroid med will be the key to a lot of the pain. Love you!

Matthew Patten said...

Thanks for the props.

Do what you have to do, not what you want to do. Only you know what is the right decision.

Problems like this are more often "a straw that broke the camels back". There has been something adding up to this for a while which you need to identify.

Hang in there